eBizNET On-Demand...Your Supply Chain Technology Solution

Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, Activity Based Billing, Reverse Logisitics and More… You need robust functionality in your supply chain systems... You need scalability, flexibility and configurability as well. Your customers demand it. Your competitors tout it.

Problem is, you don’t have the IT resources, nor do you have the ready capital to make a long-term commitment to technology. Feel perplexed? No need to. 7Hills has brought a portfolio of robust supply chain products, at a very affordable price, to the market place.

eBizNET – a comprehensive suite of supply chain software.

The financial commitment is low; the return on your investment is swift.

eBizNET is designed to be deployed utilizing a Software As A Service (SaaS) delivery model to bring these mission critical solutions to you. By providing access over the web, our customers realize a rapid ROI and position themselves for growth. Companies can enjoy the functionality of much larger systems (and their associated benefits), at a fraction of the initial cost and at a fraction of the on-going overhead and maintenance. This subscription-based software is provided to you via a very safe and secure hosted environment.

If your current solution is not providing the efficiency and control that you need, this is the cost effective replacement option. Learn how you can capitalize on the fastest growing approach toward supply chain execution support.

Contact 7Hills. Schedule a product capability demo. Let one of our supply chain experts help to assess how you can reap the benefits of eBizNET on demand!


Always An Option… If SaaS just is not a practical solution for your organization, we also offer an on-site perpetual license arrangement as well. Let’s explore the best solution – together!