eBizNET Warehouse Management System for NetSuite ERP

Warehouse Management System (WMS) on native NetSuite platform for those seeking advanced capabilities for warehousing and distribution operations.The award winning eBizNET® WMS is an integrated warehouse management solution,that will help NetSuite’s clients realize the full potential of their ERP investments. Our NetSuite-native WMS brings best-of-breed supply chain execution capabilities to NetSuite users in eCommerce, Wholesale & Distribution, and Manufacturing.    Learn More ..

    Top Tier WMS capabilities include:

  • System Directed putaway and picking
  • Mobile/Wireless RF Handheld and Barcode Scanning
  • Wave planning and multi-order picking
  • Cartonization and pick to carton
  • Warehouse Space Optimization
  • Fully integrated with FedEx, UPS and USPS (Endicia)
  • Lot, FIFO, expiration and shelf life tracking
  • License plate (LP), and serial # tracking
  • Value Added Services - kitting & de-kitting
  • Cycle counting & inventory audit
  • Support for LTL Shipping and EDI
  • Dashboard with KPI and productivity reporting

Saas/Cloud Supply Chain Solutions

eBizNET Solutions's cloud based supply chain execution technology platform is ideal for fast growing and emerging companies worldwide. It addresses supply chain execution system needs for warehousing, distribution, transportation and service logistics. eBizNET’s cloud ecosystem delivers intelligent, collaborative, synchronized and yet affordable solution which integrates seamlessly with most ERP and legacy systems. Grow your business with eBizNET supply chain execution solutions through our unique SaaS based Pay-As-You Grow options...   Read More

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Customer Speak

 [With NetSuiteTM and eBizNETTM] we can adjust supply-chain or inventory management priorities based on changes in customer orders. And we can give our customers real-time visibility into the status of their orders. All of these benefits reflect directly back to our differentiation in the market and to our bottom line success

- Jad Daye, President, Alpha Comm Enterprises, Inc